Library is an integral part of our Academic Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning. This COE is designed to assist multidisciplinary curriculum and concept centric demonstrations concerning practices and programs that promote teaching and learning skills among faculty and students; and to research to improve innovation

Many new dimensions have been added to the library. Electronic information resource as an important component of the library in growing year after year. The computer has swept the library in all it is operations-storage and dissemination of information. The college is satisfied on the achievements of the library.


The Library aims to be the best among all the engineering college libraries of Andhra Pradesh. Library intends to incorporate the latest technology and to adopt user friendly approach towards its users by offering comprehensive services in regard to the dissemination of Knowledge.


The Central Library serves as a resource center and aims to develop a comprehensive collection of documents by assimilating latest technology useful for both faculty and students of the Institute and provides an efficient dissemination of knowledge.

Library Resources

Title Volumes
Total Number of Titles 2,386
Total Number of Volumes 15051
Total Number of Journals 54
Total Number of Indian Journals / Magazines 60
Total Number of International Journals 60
Total Number of E-Journals 80
Total Number of Computers Available in Digital Library 20

Library Services

1. Circulation

2. Renewals

3. Book Reservation

4. Book Bank Scheme

5. Reference

6. Electronic Public Access Catalogue

7. Inter Library Loan

8. Online Access

9. Access&Issue Of CD/DVDS

10.Access To Previous Question Papers


12.Advanced e-learning

13.Reading Hall

14.Overnight Issue Of Reference Books

15.Journal Content Page Service

16.Display Of New Arrivals


18.User Educational services

19.Bulletin board


21.Library Utilization Awards

22.Access To General Public